New Design Body-Plus Magnetic Anti-Slip Knee Support, Open-Patella Stabiliser


The Newly designed toumaline knee support is used to prevent or alleviate the pain due to shank muscle cramps and injury. ANTI-SLIP ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT: The inner lining is coated with a substance that helps keep the knee support in place whilst worn. The three Velcro belts make the brace fully adjustable to customize it to the width of your leg It can provide help for maintaining body temperature, accelerating blood circulation, and facilitating rehabilitation. The knee pad has magnetic spots carefully designed on the inside of the knee support using High tec technology to aid pain relief. The support is suitable for the following conditions: Designed to treat severe knee injuries Patella tendinitis Lateral and medial injuries to ligaments or cartilage Unstable medial or lateral ligaments Post surgery rehabilitation. Most suitable for those struggling to bend having an open knee / patella support, made from multi-directional stretch neoprene, with three adjustable Velcro fastenings, that can be tightened to ensure individual fit and support, to ensure stabilization during physical activities. The Tourmaline Magnetic Technology system is evident on the inside providing relief and at the same time to ensure ultimate comfort, whilst providing both lateral and medial support, at the same time allowing patella track movement. Neoprene material helps heat retention, thus promoting blood flow to help the healing process. The product is designed in the UK with fully bound edges to prevent fraying This special medical graded Neoprene allows air flow providing comfort to the skin. UNIVERSAL SIZES Fits both left and right knee, Large size Fits Up to 39 cm, X Large size Fits Up to 44 cm(Knee Circumference when knee is fully extended).

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Large (Fits Up to 39 cm), X Large (Fits Up to 44 cm)